G2 Dust 2 B Fake (Half-buy)

In the video displayed below, we run through a half-buy, off the cuff B fake.

Here, the whole premise of the strat is to get a majority of your teammates up short while avoiding contact mid, this is done by flashing through the doors. You have one teammate in tunnels smoking off the end of tunnels, mollying and flashing plat. Then a teammate on cat/ short smokes B doors as well, pulling off a mid/ ct player towards B. Then you finally abuse the over-rotation and flash out of short on to A.

  • Get up cat with flashes with 4 teammates
  • Have 1 teammate smoke tunnels and molly and flash B
  • Have another temmate mid smoke off B doors
  • The 4 then flash out on to A short
  • B guy holds Xbox from Tunnels.

BIG Clan’s B Split On Mirage

In the IEM Cologne 2021 Play-In, BIG Clan faced OG where they demonstrated an exciting take on the B split on Mirage. Although being one of the more daring splits to execute, the inclusion of a vent push from the Ts had viewers on the edge of their seat.

I breakdown the stratergy in this video here, but for those who want a simplistic readup on the execute, continue down the page.

Here is what BIG Clan did to execute the script against OG.

  1. Take top mid control by smoking window and top mid from T spawn
  2. Once at top mid, molly and flash connector in order to gaurantee the mid player towards jungle presence
  3. In the meantime, make your presence A ramp known by clearing it audibly
  4. Have apartments watched as well by 1 player the whole round
  5. Gather the majority towards cat (while window is mollied) after leaving A with a molly and some spam
  6. Smoke jungle from top mid and have a lurker work towards jungle in the hopes of flanking vent
  7. Smoke CT outside of vent (from cat) while your lurker works towards jungle
  8. Aps player smoke mid site to block bench vision towards cat and molly van, beginning to work and clear aps
  9. Hope your lurker gets kills while you flash up to the B site from cat

The premise of it is really, spread pressure across to A while maintaining mid control, smoke off jungle which helps keep A attention after you pressured it before. Lurk up connector with your mid control and try to take out the Mid CT player and work towards kitchen. In the meantime, the 4 other players split up to B with the use of a site smoke to prevent bench vision, and a molly van for any hiding CT. All B players should be moderately easy to trade with this util, and the pressure from the lurk if successful will help keep the A players occupied on rotates, leaving the B players on an island.